From today to February 28th, we are holding our 2023 membership drive

Our mission is as critical now as it ever was and AE911Truth is fighting to survive and keep the truth of 9/11 alive. 

To do that, we need your sustained support. 

That’s why we’re asking you to become a member by February 28th and stand beside us so we can continue our important work. 

Today we are dealing with challenges that the 9/11 truth movement of old didn’t, from internet censorship to an ever more conformist media. 

Though we’re facing difficult times, AE911Truth’s passion to keep fighting continues, because awareness of the WTC evidence helps battle the tide set in motion by the lies of that terrible day, even leading us now to the building threat of nuclear war.

Please fight alongside us by becoming a member. 

By becoming a monthly member at the following levels, you will have exclusive access to these exciting new media projects.

Dylan Avery

$25 a month 

Access to an online screening with Dylan Avery 

With the upcoming release of AE911Truth’s new film, “Thirty Seconds of Silence,” AE911Truth will be offering an online screening of the film, followed by an interview with the film’s creator, Dylan Avery, in which Dylan will be taking your questions.

This is an opportunity to ask Dylan about the film, or any other questions you might have, and to be part of the experience of the film’s “opening night.”

As well…

Access to an exciting BRAND NEW “Born on 9/11” story 

Andy Steele will be giving you exclusive early access to a serialized online version of the new graphic novel he is working on, “Born on 9/11: Summer of Rage.” 

“Born on 9/11: Summer of Rage” is a direct sequel to his original book, Born on 9/11,” which was a hit among our supporters and won critical praise from the likes of Rosie O’Donnell, Graeme MacQueen, and Jean Bails…the wife of Jerry Bails, who was considered the founder of modern comic book fandom. 

Lucky Larry Silverstein can't get enough of Born on 9/11 - Summer of Rage

As they’re released, each chapter — filled with colorful images and captivating story-telling — will average from 30 to 50 pages long, and the story is written so that you don’t need to have read the first Born on 9/11 to enjoy it. 

Brilliantly incorporating the WTC evidence into the plot, this darker and grittier tale takes place three years after the events of “Born on 9/11,” and finds our hero, Kevin Langdon, living in New York City and facing the hardships of young adulthood while trying to run his own 9/11 truth organization. When his 9/11 activism starts gaining traction, he must not only cope with the antics of COINTELPRO agents desperate to stop him, but he also becomes the target of a deeply troubled and violent mafia family with their own connection to the 9/11 tragedy. Will Kevin break from the onslaught he faces as he continues to expose the truth behind his father’s death on 9/11, or will he stand strong, even when his very own life hangs in the balance? 

To offer you a preview of what awaits, we’re releasing the 20-page prologue HERE. Click on the left or right of each page to flip, or swipe left or right on mobile.

Eric Francis-Wright, S.E.

$50 a month 

Access to the new video podcast, “Real Deal” 

You will not only get exclusive access to the film screening and the online book, but you’ll also receive access to the new monthly video podcast, “Real Deal” in which host Andy Steele will finally get to delve into newer and more timely topics not traditionally covered by AE911Truth or his regular show, “9/11 Free Fall.”

The new show will usher in a fresh wave of brand-new guests, and it will be hosted live so that you can submit your questions during it.

$100 a month

A seat at our Quarterly Conference Call 

Along with everything else, you will get the chance to sit at the table with the leadership of AE911Truth. Every three months you will be invited to our quarterly conference call, where you can speak directly with the AE911Truth board and Andy Steele to share your thoughts about the organization.

Have your voice heard!

This is your opportunity to take part in a regular discussion with our leaders and give your input. 

Please sign up and become a sustained member by February 28th so that we can stand together and continue our fight, influencing minds as we seek justice for those who perished in the World Trade Center on 9/11.


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